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Eastern European Tank Cleaning Association – EETCA is the exclusive representative of the international Association EFTCO in the regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Bulgaria, whose field of activity is the development and promotion of a professional, safe, sustainable, and focused market for tank container and truck cleaning. The Association owns the ECD trademark (EFTCO cleaning document).
Our selection processes entitle our members to use EFTCO Cleaning Documents as a visible documentation of a high quality controlled tank cleaning.
ECD is the universally recognized European standard for high quality tank container handling is recognized by all leading chemical manufacturers for certifying that tank containers or tank trucks have been professionally processed using advanced washing and waste management technologies.


EcoChemPlus - Tambov

Montazhnikov 1, 392000 Tambov, Russia

Andrey Khodov

+7 987 451-60-85

EcoChemPlus - Togliatti

Larina 140,445007 Togliatti, Samara Region, Russia

Andrey Khodov

+7 987 451-60-85

H&S Transport Bulgaria

Garova promishlena zona, 7200 Razgrad, Bulgaria

Elena Simeonova

+359 56 874 555


1, Kapitan Lyuben Kondakov St.
NPZ Iskar – yug 1528 – Sofia, Bulgaria

Iva Veneva

+ 359 888 943 998

+359 2 9708 550

Membership conditions

Becoming a Member of the EETCA
The conditions for joining the Association:
1) A company wishing to join the Association sends a detailed information about itself, including a detailed presentation of its depot / equipment / method of waste utilization / wastewater disposal, as well as a letter with a request to consider its possible membership.
2) The company must pass the SQAS audit for CORE + Tank Cleaning units and submit the results to the Association.
3) The Association has the right to conduct its own audit on site in order to make sure that all the necessary regulations for waste disposal are met.
4) After the completion of the audit, at the next meeting of the Board of the Association, a decision is made to accept the station as its member.
5) In case of a positive decision, the Company, which become a member of the Association, pays an annual membership fee of 3000 euros and receives an ECD block from the association for use.


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